Elite Coral Supply 

System Design and Optimization

Our knowledgeable consultants draw upon years of experience to guide clients through the design, equipment, and livestock selection process. By offering personalized recommendations and expert advice, we ensure that each aquarium is thoughtfully tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of the aquarist, creating a thriving and visually stunning underwater environment.
  • Personalized Livestock Recommendations
  • Customized Plumbing Design
  • Expert Lighting Suggestions
  • Optimal Pump Selection
  • Advanced Automation and Controller Design
  • Tailored Filtration System Solutions

Installation Services

  • Turn-Key Installation Services for any System, Large or Small
  • Equipment delivery, installation and integration
  • System automation with remote monitoring
  • Customized Plumbing and Filtration Solutions
  • Refugium Integration
  • Expert Lighting Installation with Spectrum Optimization

Aquarium Maintenance 

We offer weekly and bi-weekly service
  • Expert Reef Tank Management
  • Specialized fresh and saltwater service
  • Regular water changes for optimal tank health
  • Thorough water testing to ensure ideal conditions
  • Meticulous glass cleaning for crystal-clear viewing
  • Regular equipment maintenance to prevent malfunctions, increase efficiencies and lifespan
  • Scheduled replacement of filter media to prevent buildup of pollutants
  • Sand and Gravel Vacuuming
  • Additive dosing and top-off to maintain ideal water chemistry
  • Identify and treat pest and disease outbreaks
  • Professional coral fragging to maintain a thriving reef
  • Certified diver services for in-tank maintenance and care

Other Services

Water Delivery Service: Ensure a steady supply of both RODI and premixed saltwater 

Aquarium Moving:
Professional aquarium moving service to ensure your fish and other aquatic life are safely transported to their new home

Emergency services:
Promptly address unexpected issues and ensure the health and safety of your aquarium's inhabitants.

Aqua-Scape Redesign:
Expert aquascape redesign service to create a beautiful and natural-looking underwater environment for your fish and other aquatic life to thrive in.

Professional Aquarium Services 
Locally Grown Coral

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